Annie Dennis Children’s Centre

Our Team

Our highly qualified team of passionate and dedicated early childhood educators support all children and their families at every step of a child’s journey at Annie Dennis. Educators and families develop a strong community, forming positive relationships that are extremely valued.  The positive family and educator partnerships bridge the gap between home and the early childhood setting. We encourage families to participate in all aspects of our educational programs and to share family cultural events, talents and skills to embellish our educational programs and further build our strong community and family connections.

Centre DirectorAnna Chiera
Assistant DirectorMartina Caramia
Possums Educational ProgramRachel K (Program Leader), Dolores and Faith
RDO’s/Planning/Tea breaks- Paris and Susie
Joeys Educational ProgramEffie (Program Leader), Samara, Emily and Helen
RDO’s/Planning/Tea breaks- Jennifer and Emily
Pandas Educational ProgramSarah (Program Leader), Chihiro, Liz V and Grace
RDO’s/Planning/Tea breaks- Mirella, Lewis, Grace and Bernadette
Grasshoppers Educational ProgramJasmin (Kindergarten Teacher), Marie (Program Leader), Jane and Jasmina
RDO’s/Planning/Tea breaks- Renee
Rainbow Educational ProgramAmy and Vanessa (Kindergarten Teachers), Bia (Program Leader) and Nikki
RDO’s/Planning/ Tea breaks- Trish and Bernadette
Kangaroo Educational ProgramYee Chin (Kindergarten Teacher), Liz S (Program Leader), Diana
RDO’s/Planning/ Tea breaks- Ella
Educational LeadersAmy and Martina
Centre CookFanny
CasualsGeraldine, Lyn, Mehek, Rachel B, Anna, Maria, Nicoleta, Dave, Brenda, Frances and Abby