Annie Dennis Children’s Centre

Pandas Educational Program (Ages 2–3 Years)

Every day skills develop quickly in the Pandas educational program, with educational, play-based experiences that build childrens’ confidence and social skills. Both educators and the learning environment nurture the innate curiosity of children at this age, who participate in experiences such as reading, singing, pretend play, construction, music and movement, sensory play and just being very very active.

The large outdoor environment consists of open and shaded areas, cubby houses, a large sandpit and a bike track. The children share this play space with the Grasshoppers educational program, further building community connections within the Centre. The outdoor environment provides ample opportunities for children to develop their physical selves, building their confidence as they acquire new skills. Our early childhood educators are experienced in managing big emotions, deciphering a myriad of communication skills and reading body language all at the same time. Ample resources are provided as children begin to learn the concept of sharing, and the indoor and outdoor programs run concurrently to provide plenty of space. Children are given time and opportunity to attempt, practice and acquire new skills and build knowledge.