Annie Dennis Children’s Centre

Possums Educational Program (Ages 6–14 Months)

In the Possums educational program we take a collaborative approach with families and children to support and develop secure emotional attachments and relationships with the early childhood educators. This is often a family’s first experience in early childhood care and education and we understand how important it is to support both the child and the family. Our comprehensive orientation program reflects this support and takes the time for children and families to settle in slowly. This approach recognises each family’s need to set up trusting relationships within the Centre. This solid foundation is fundamental for each child’s learning and development as well as to establish ongoing open communication between families and the Centre.

Routines are an integral part of a day in the Possums educational program. The separate sleep room within the program enables our educators to follow as closely as possible the home environment routines of each child. We support and nurture children to be independent and confident learners by providing a flexible, safe, supportive, nurturing and challenging educational program. Children are encouraged to explore the indoor and outdoor environments and learn at their own pace and level of development, knowing they have a secure base to lean on. The early childhood educators provide positive encouragement and support for the children to explore, practice and develop their self-help skills, ready for their leap into the next educational program.