Annie Dennis Children’s Centre

Our Kindergarten Educational Programs

Grasshoppers program – 18 children and 3 educators

Rainbow program- 18-20 children and 2 educators*

Kangaroos program- 16 children and 2 educators* 

*an additional educator is shared between the educational programs

Our 4 year old kindergarten programs are funded and delivered by qualified kindergarten teachers. Our kindergarten program is not sessional but instead is incorporated into our long day care model. The integrated model enables children to access kindergarten throughout the day in a well-paced program. All our early childhood educators contribute equally to the educational program to ensure consistency of education and care throughout the week. 

School-readiness is a major focus of the kindergarten program and children are given opportunities to develop skills and confidence to ensure a smooth transition to school. Our early childhood teachers and educators and families work together to achieve the best outcome for each child and to ensure a positive transition from kindergarten to school. At the end of the kinder year educators complete an assessment on each child called a ‘Transition statement’. This document is used as a communication tool between the kindergarten teacher, family and prep teacher.

Kindergarten is designed to build on your child’s: 

  • social skills and their ability to learn as part of a group, sharing and negotiating through play and routine tasks; 
  • self-awareness, empathy and respect for others; 
  • emotional development, such as self-control and self-regulation; 
  • language, literacy and numeracy skills in readiness for school; 
  • ability to follow directions and complete complex tasks; 
  • disposition as a curious, enthusiastic learner demonstrating persistence and resilience when learning through play; 
  • understanding of the joy and satisfaction of learning; 
  • use of play to investigate, imagine and explore ideas; 
  • ability to build and maintain meaningful relationships and friendships; 
  • exposure to new ideas and concepts.* 

Our multi age kindergarten program enables children of three to five years of age to learn and play together throughout the day.

Some of the benefits for both teachers and children in a multi-age setting:

  • Younger children are challenged; older children learn to nurture, support and lead others.
  • All children are engaged at play at their own developmental level, which encourages individual differences to be embraced and celebrated.
  • Children develop a connectedness between learning experiences and build co-operative learning skills such as sharing, turn-taking, mentoring and negotiating.
  • Children interact with others who have similar or different capabilities, needs and interests, which in turn deepens and extends their own understanding.
  • Children facilitate and scaffold each other’s learning.
  • Children show increased pro-social behaviour (caring, tolerance, patience, support)

Children are encouraged to work and play together, fostering a strong sense of identity and belonging.

Existing families at Annie Dennis Children’s Centre are automatically eligible for a place in our kindergarten program.