Annie Dennis Children’s Centre

Grasshoppers Integrated Kindergarten Educational Program (Ages 3–4 Years)

Kindergarten days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday ,Thursday and Friday

Kindergarten hours integrated with long day care: 8:30am–1:30pm

In the Grasshoppers educational program, the focus is on developing communication and self-help skills and on building social and emotional connections. The team of educators work together to develop an educational program that responds to the children’s emerging interests by providing experiences that challenge and drive their innate curiosity to discover and explore the world around them. Incidental and spontaneous learning opportunities emerge throughout the day, making this a very busy, active and fun environment. Children enjoy music, imaginative play, construction, blocks, books, the making table and creative arts, as well as anything else that piques their curiosity

Each day the children have the opportunity to explore the indoor and outdoor environment, which they share with the Pandas educational program. They might choose to sail the seas in our rowboat, explore light patterns in the garden or use the water pump to fill up our splash pond and splash around.  

Three -year-old kindergarten is integrated with long day care three days per week in the Grasshoppers educational program. The kindergarten teacher works closely with a team of two other educators to deliver an educational program that meets the specific needs of each individual child.