Annie Dennis Children’s Centre

Kangaroos Integrated Kindergarten Educational Program (Ages 3–5 Years)

Kindergarten days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Kindergarten hours integrated with long day care: 8:30am–1:30pm

Kindergarten days: Thursday and Friday

Kindergarten hours integrated with long day care: 12.00pm-5.00pm

The children in the Kangaroos program, a multi-age, integrated kindergarten program, are helpful and curious learners. In this program, children of multiple ages are combined in the same group. Children in multi age learning environments learn from their peers supporting the development of independence, empathy, resilience, understanding and leadership skills. Children learn through a variety of play-based experiences that are both planned and incidental. Younger children learn from their older peers through observation and inclusion and with support from the kindergarten teacher and team of educators. Older children gain strong independence, confidence and social responsibility through their interactions with the younger children.

 Our kindergarten teacher and educators support children and design developmentally appropriate experiences that nurture and extend children’s interests and learning needs. The children have access to our beautiful inclusive outdoor playground, which is shared with the Rainbow educational program. School readiness and social skills are supported through the opportunities children have in the yard to develop relationships across the two programs.