Annie Dennis Children’s Centre

Educational Programs

Possums program- 9 children and 3 educators

Joeys program- 11 children and 3 educators

Pandas program- 12 children and 3 educators

Each child’s social and emotional development is paramount and our educators work with the children to build their confidence, resilience and social skills; qualities that will greatly benefit them in the school years and into adulthood.

Our early childhood educators aim to provide a supportive environment that:

  • acknowledges the central role of parents and families in children’s development
  • encourages parental involvement and support in all aspects of the service
  • keeps parents informed of their child’s day and progress
  • provides relevant information, advice and support to families
  • recognises confidentiality in formal or informal discussions.

Our program planning is guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and the Victorian Early Years Learning and Developmental Framework and our centre places particular emphasis on building relationships, implementing a wide variety of engaging and educational indoor and outdoor experiences.

Annie Dennis has a well-developed orientation process in place, which is individualised to suit the needs of your child. Your child’s program leader and primary educators will regularly update you as to how your child is settling in and will work with you to effectively and seamlessly integrate your child into his or her new environment. 

Our educators are experienced at settling new children into the centre, particularly younger children who may be new to child care.